Alesha & Charlie - Engagement

This month has been craziness in the best way! What should have been a fairly slow month turned into 5 photo sessions, 4 consultations, 3 trips, 2 weddings, and 1 exhausted photographer. See what I did there? ;)  But in all seriousness this month has been wonderful and I never complain about being busy, if anything it fuels my fire more! I have taken this week to catch up and re-organize the in-house part of the business. Editing like crazy, designing albums, organizing paperwork, catching up on emails and finally blogging about some awesome couples! Here's to the summer, it came and went by so fast!  

So I have to share this awesome couple first because I am in one of those moods where I need to be around people that are way cooler than me. And since I am home working...alone..I will just have to post pictures of people that are awesome! Alesha & Charlie had me smiling from the inside out during their engagement session! These two have been together since 9th grade and their love shows in the most sincere and genuine ways. They aren't overtly touchy and cuddly like those sweet couples that are newly in love. No, these two obviously have a deep connection that has developed over time. They share looks and smiles that communicate just as much as words. I loved sharing conversation with these two while we explored Avondale Park. They share a love for movies and food AND they got engaged in Disney World!  Like I said, these two are just effortlessly cool and I love the simplicity of their story. It just works. I can't wait for their wedding next June! Bring on the hashtags!