Katie & Eric - Engagement

Katie and Eric have that kind of relationship that you know it just clicks. I am not talking about those imaginary couples that finish each other's sentences (because we all know guys and girls don't think the same at all!). No, I am talking about those couples that obviously just love and appreciate each other for exactly who they are. Quirks, silliness and all. The ones that don't have to shout out "we are perfect for each other!"

They just are. 

Hilary & Matt - Engagement

Hilary and Matt were so much fun to work with! When Hilary contacted me about taking her engagement photos I was beyond honored. Sometimes asking a friend to be your photographer can be awkward because transitioning from a friend setting to professional setting people (me especially) tend to feel like they have to act a certain way. These two came in and rocked the session! They had fun and explored the city together and it felt like I just happened to be there. It really is so important for couples to just be themselves during a session. If you tend to joke with each other or make silly faces, do it! You will enjoy your photos all the more because you were yourself, and usually the images reflect what a great time you were having. Please enjoy this fun spirited couple as much as I did!