Olivia & Mitchell - Wedding

This wedding day still makes my heart swell. Olivia & Mitchell's wedding day was full of beautiful details and even more importantly, beautiful people. To this day my favorite part of a wedding is that this day is one of very few days that loved ones from all aspects of two peoples life come together in celebration. The bride and groom are literally surrounded by people from childhood, adulthood, school, work, family, church, etc. all in celebration of them. What an amazing feeling to have all the people you love and your spouse loves in one place in fellowship together. It's amazing. I definitely felt that amazing love while at Olivia & Mitchell's wedding. The day wove together the amazing people of their lives along with beautiful traditions dear to their hearts and inspiring details that reflected Olivia's classic style. 

Bustle VIP Appointment

Last week I got to share in a fun afternoon at Bustle with their VIP bride Anslee! Bustle is a designer sample wedding gown salon in Homewood that sells amazing and unique wedding dresses at discounted prices! Anslee won an afternoon to shop for her wedding gown while enjoying being treated to champagne and goodies with her friends and I was lucky enough to get to photograph the afternoon. I won't share photos of Anslee in her dress but believe me, she looks amazing!

If you haven't already checked out Bustle, click here to visit their site!