Vanna & Bryan - Wedding

After an incredible Christmas week in Charleston spending time with family and the amazing friends that may as well be family too I was left feeling loved and full (in more ways than one... Mmm Neana's cooking always gets me).  I wanted to continue feeling that fullness and love while blogging this wedding. One of the most frequent things I find myself saying to potential clients in some way or another is "I want to meet you!" and I promise you, I mean it. This is not something I say because I think you like for me to say it, because I promise the introvert in me still gets huge butterflies before every consultation. But no amount of nervousness will ever trump my desire to connect with my couples. 

Vanna and Bryan are a couple that I had such an amazing time getting to know. From the first emails to the day I hung out with them at their engagement session and the time I spent with Vanna for her boudoir shoot we completely clicked. Walking into their wedding day I truly felt like I was part of a wedding for my old friends. All day I was continually moved by the moments that these two shared. These two were such a complete blessing to my first year in business. The way the Lord has connected them is truly inspiring! I didn't want the day to stop!  Making a wonderful connection with these guys really led to such a wonderful experience, for me and for them! It is really an incredible thing when vendors and couples connect, I can't emphasize the importance of that enough. Magic is created when couples and clients work well together and trust each other. 

Venue: The Sonnet House
Florals: CD Florals @ The Sonnet House
Dress: Ivory & White
Planner: Handley Breaux Designs

Liz & Adam - Wedding Portraits

Sometimes during the moments that I get with my couple they completely let go and just embrace their love for one another. I love when couples act like I'm not even present. When they just open up and enjoy being together, that is when the magic happens. 

Olivia & Mitchell - Wedding

This wedding day still makes my heart swell. Olivia & Mitchell's wedding day was full of beautiful details and even more importantly, beautiful people. To this day my favorite part of a wedding is that this day is one of very few days that loved ones from all aspects of two peoples life come together in celebration. The bride and groom are literally surrounded by people from childhood, adulthood, school, work, family, church, etc. all in celebration of them. What an amazing feeling to have all the people you love and your spouse loves in one place in fellowship together. It's amazing. I definitely felt that amazing love while at Olivia & Mitchell's wedding. The day wove together the amazing people of their lives along with beautiful traditions dear to their hearts and inspiring details that reflected Olivia's classic style. 

Christy & Cris - Wedding

I am feeling especially blessed today. I am quite close to wrapping up edits for all of my summer weddings (which also means lots more blog posts coming!) and I have no plans this weekend! That may sound crazy to a lot of people but for the past 25 weekends I have had weddings, photo sessions, something to do and/or something already planned for me.  Don't get me wrong, every one of those things were amazing! But the introverted side of me has been screaming at me to just be still and enjoy some solo time and time with friends (if they haven't disowned me yet). Oh and Spike would really love that too ;)  

Speaking of friends, this couple deserves all the love and celebration in the world! When my sweet friends Christy and Cris asked me to photograph their wedding I was absolutely ecstatic! There is no greater honor to me than being able to photograph a friend's wedding. I am a-okay being a photographer over being a guest if it allows me to help you remember your wedding day in a way that is special to you. These two exchanged vows on the most beautiful misty morning (it's good luck and the light is beautiful!) at Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve! Surrounded by family and friends, their ceremony and reception were a true testimony of the Lord's love. Christy exuded joy and beauty as she walked down the aisle to Cris. Every element of their wedding celebration included their family and friends, down to the food, setup, decor, music, etc. All these elements made the day even more special and genuine to Christy and Cris.