Marilyn & Michael - Engagement

Something I get asked about a lot is wardrobe for engagement sessions. I am pretty sure everyone has a different take on what you should wear/how you should look but here are some of my thoughts on the subject. 

First: Coordinate, don't match. We are so past the days of jeans and a white tee on the beach! You wouldn't go out to dinner in matching outfits, why take photos in them?

Second: Be comfortable! Marilyn and Michael both dress fairly nice in their everyday lives so wearing heels and a dress for her and a sport coat for him worked. But if you aren't usually one to sport the 4 inch heels and he feels stiff in a tie, I'd say skip the "fancy" look and go with something that you feel yourself in. Your man can look just as nice in great jeans and a polo as he would in a full suit. 

Third: Pattern and texture are great!! When choosing a pattern remember that the tiny polkadot dress may not show up as well in photographs as a larger print would, but also don't go too crazy when mixing your patterns as a couple. Marilyn's bold floral print popped and Michael's striped shirt was a great subtle accent. 
If you are choosing to wear solids, think about texture of your fabrics. Marilyn's navy lace dress looked amazing in photos and the fabric of Michael's jacket was just enough to accent! You can also layer solid colors to create a good texture, throw on a sweater or a scarf over your top. If you get tired of it or want to change the look it's an easy change! 

Lastly: Dress for your season but stay classic. Remember that engagement photos are a great time to get photos of you and your fiancé being yourselves that you can have forever. Just because it is winter doesn't mean you need to be in huge puffy coats, earmuffs, scarves, furry boots and the whole shebang holding coffee mugs in a pile of fake snow. There is no need to be in costume to have your photo taken! Remember, be yourselves and be comfortable! 

Alesha & Charlie - Engagement

This month has been craziness in the best way! What should have been a fairly slow month turned into 5 photo sessions, 4 consultations, 3 trips, 2 weddings, and 1 exhausted photographer. See what I did there? ;)  But in all seriousness this month has been wonderful and I never complain about being busy, if anything it fuels my fire more! I have taken this week to catch up and re-organize the in-house part of the business. Editing like crazy, designing albums, organizing paperwork, catching up on emails and finally blogging about some awesome couples! Here's to the summer, it came and went by so fast!  

So I have to share this awesome couple first because I am in one of those moods where I need to be around people that are way cooler than me. And since I am home working...alone..I will just have to post pictures of people that are awesome! Alesha & Charlie had me smiling from the inside out during their engagement session! These two have been together since 9th grade and their love shows in the most sincere and genuine ways. They aren't overtly touchy and cuddly like those sweet couples that are newly in love. No, these two obviously have a deep connection that has developed over time. They share looks and smiles that communicate just as much as words. I loved sharing conversation with these two while we explored Avondale Park. They share a love for movies and food AND they got engaged in Disney World!  Like I said, these two are just effortlessly cool and I love the simplicity of their story. It just works. I can't wait for their wedding next June! Bring on the hashtags! 

Brittney & Jason - Engagement

Brittney & Jason... where to begin with these two. Brittney is gorgeous inside and out and has such a beautifully gentle love for Jason, it is evident in the sweetest smile and the most distinguishably loving way she looks at him. Jason is extremely creative and loves nature, he sees Brittney's beauty and loves her so deeply for everything that she is and more. 

When talking with these two about photos and their vision for their wedding, they were up for anything as long as they had fun together. Every idea I threw at them was exciting to them, which obviously got me excited! They knew they wanted to be in nature for part of their engagement session but other than that they were on board for anything. So we went on an adventure. Color and light were my goals because I knew how much Jason loves art. Sadly, we live in Alabama where the weather is strange and the leaves don't change color even though it is Fall. Lucky for us though, the amazing Dia de Los Muertos event was being set up downtown and we were able to go take some awesome and colorful images at the event site! We of course ended the session in nature where these two were so genuinely comfortable. 

This was one of those sessions that when it ended I immediately wanted to call everyone I knew and tell them about it. The couple, the setting, the light and weather were all just right and it helped amplify the amazing connection that Brittney & Jason have.

Katie & Eric - Engagement

Katie and Eric have that kind of relationship that you know it just clicks. I am not talking about those imaginary couples that finish each other's sentences (because we all know guys and girls don't think the same at all!). No, I am talking about those couples that obviously just love and appreciate each other for exactly who they are. Quirks, silliness and all. The ones that don't have to shout out "we are perfect for each other!"

They just are.