Olivia & Mitchell - Engagement

No joke, this post has ben pending for over a month now because I can't find the words to describe how awesome this couple is! I have always hated writing about couples because I honestly can't do justice to who these wonderful people are and the amazing journey they are going on together. I can (and have many times) tell you how they met or when they first noticed each other but in the grand scheme of a relationship, that is only the beginning of an epic story. There will be so many more cute smiles that make you love her more and countless moments of laughter and even moments of sadness that build and only make the story more  amazing. 

I don't photograph couples to write about them. I photograph couples because I see that epic story in their eyes, in the way they smile at each other because they know only they get it. My love is capturing moments that help couples remember this journey and why they are taking it together.  Funny that the longest blog post I have written is about not wanting to write.... Anyway, for this one I am going to let the images share the story of Olivia & Mitchell.