Natasha & Seth - Engagement

Natasha and Seth make me smile so much! These guys are just plain fun! Their entire session felt like they were just hanging out and allowed me to come follow them around. These two stunning people met in grad school at University of Alabama (side note: Natasha is really an Auburn girl *War Eagle*) Natasha claims she had to ask Seth out because she didn't think he noticed her. Seth will tell you he actually knew exactly who she was from the beginning. 

I was lucky enough to meet Natasha the day she chose her wedding gown! I was her consultant at Bustle, we immediately connected and I had such a wonderful time hearing about her wedding day and all about Seth and how he was the cutest boy Natasha had ever seen. When Natasha contacted me about photographing her wedding I was absolutely thrilled! Her warm and cheerful personality is so refreshing, I just knew working with her would be a blast! 

When I talk to people about my favorite clients, it is usually not about how cool their wedding will be or what great outfits they chose for their engagement session, I usually talk about how genuine their relationship is. My favorite clients are the ones who upon being around them, you just know, that's love.  These two absolutely embody this.