Lou Ellen & Christian - Engagement

No one has a "perfect" story, it's actually those imperfections that seem to draw those we love even closer. When I hear someone say "they're perfect for each other," I immediately smile because I know that means they love each other for all the ups, downs, darkness and light and they choose to walk forward together, imperfections and all. Isn't it truly glorious that we have come to use the word "perfect" to describe something as imperfect as love? It's a bitt of an oxymoron if you ask me. Love is something so perfectly imperfect which in turn makes it... well, perfect. We have been blessed with the grace and ability to see another person's flaws and imperfections and love them because of who they are as a result of all the things that they have been through, good and bad. 

When my clients open up with me and share their stories, I get a glimpse down the dirt road that they took to get to where they are. I love to ask them about a time when they were most proud of the other. It is usually a story of strength and grace. This is when I think about perfection. When someone has gone through something that, alone, may not have been easy, but through it came a partnership or even just a moment where your fiancee got to say they were proud of you.  When I asked Lou Ellen about a time that she was most proud of Christian, her words came straight from the heart. She told me that Christian had probably had the hardest year of his life while they were dating and how proud she was of him on so many occasions as she watched him walk through having Melanoma and watching his mother battle for her life. As she was telling me this, Christian immediately responded by telling me what a gift Lou Ellen was through every bit of this and how the Lord has given her to him to show him grace, mercy and love. Through imperfections came this perfect love. 

Everyone has an imperfect past before they begin a life with someone else. The perfection comes when we choose to look forward together and love one another because of that past, not in spite of it. Tell someone today about a time that you were proud of them, I bet you'll make their day :)