Meet Kali. She is the amazingly talented and beautiful face behind the camera of Crooked Tree Productions. I have always had an admiration for videographers, many people think because we both run around with cameras at weddings that we can do the same thing. But I promise, you do not want me shooting video footage at your wedding! Seeing things in specific still moments is something that I have always been able to intuitively anticipate. What Kali does absolutely amazes me, anticipating moments in motion and knowing where things will be next along with paying attention to sound and conveying meaning and emotion through these things! Talk about multitasking! Kali's ability to tell a story is such a gift and her love for film making is so obvious. Whether it's videography or photography, capturing the memory of your wedding day is so important. As story tellers, we strive to capture your memories as true to your personality as possible. It is such a blessing to do what I do and I love getting to share moments with other artists who share my feelings on that.