Elizabeth & Zack - A New York City Proposal

Last September, I got a call from a sweet friend of Spike and mine asking me if I knew of any photographers in New York. I jokingly (but halfway seriously) responded, "no, but I know one who will travel to New York!" Zack immediately started telling me about his amazing plan to surprise his precious girlfriend Elizabeth with a trip to New York City in January and how he was planning on proposing to her and needed a photographer there to capture the moment! I mean seriously!?!?! How perfect could this be! So the planning began. For months we discussed plans for flights, where the proposal would take place, lighting and angles of the moment, how to make it seem like this surprise trip was something other than a proposal.

So finally January arrives and Spike and I make our trip to New York. The day of the proposal is upon us! I am all geared up and in stealth mode in the middle of Central Park trying to lay low and not be recognized by Elizabeth. Needless to say I got some really strange looks from passers by as I was sitting in the rocks with a giant camera pointed at the Bow Bridge. My nerves are skyrocketing at this point, it felt like the first time I photographed a wedding and was freaking out about not missing the kiss! Then I see them approaching the bridge, at this point I swear Elizabeth looked directly at me, I thought I blew it!  They continue to the previously discussed spot on the bridge and there Zack proposed to Elizabeth. It was perfection, her reaction was pure and genuine shock and joy! And of course she said yes! After a few sweet moments Elizabeth starts asking people to please take a photo of them, I then had the honor of appearing and letting her know I had been capturing the whole thing and we were also going to do an engagement session! 

Words cannot express how fun, exciting, and special it was to get to capture that moment! Especially for such dear friends! I look forward to helping these two celebrate this time in their lives and capturing their big day in December!