Katherine & Will - Wedding

There is nothing more classically southern than a beautiful church ceremony that shows off the bride's impeccable taste and style followed by an incredible reception filled with great music and killer dance moves! Katherine & Will's wedding day was filled to the brim with love, joy, style and personality. I adored Katherine's shoes and the amazing bright and colorful florals that she chose! In a summer full of muted tones and shades of cream and pink, the bright colors not only reflected Katherine's personality, they were a refreshing pop of happy! Ladies, never be afraid to show off your amazing personalities! Don't let the all the same old pinterest ideas that pop up on your feed sway your style, BE BOLD AND BE YOU!  Katherine, you have always been the queen of being yourself and that is what I love so much about you! 

Oh and did I mention, my sweet Spike has been friends with Katherine since childhood (and friends with Will since college)!  What an amazing honor it was to share this day with these friends in such a special way!