Biting the bullet

This website has been a long time coming... It is kind of one of those "uh duh" things that all artists and photographers have.  The honest reason that I have waited so long to do this is because writing absolutely terrifies me! Yeah, I have written dozens of Art History and Literature essays in the past few years, no problem. But ask me to sit down and write about myself, my art and my opinions and you might as well be asking me to sit in a dark closet with a hundred creepy crawly spiders. Gross. 

So here it is, I am finally biting the bullet. Not just because I want a place to showcase my work though. This is a new challenge for me to create more, share more, and write more.  I am an introvert and in the past year while working in the wedding industry I have forced myself to open up and express myself in new ways. While challenging, it has allowed me to meet amazing people and have some truly life changing experiences.  Sometimes it is still very hard for me to express my thoughts and ideas in my day to day life.  This is where the website comes in.  As an artist I love the tools of the trade, this blog is going to become a new creative tool for me.   With it I hope to learn more about expressing myself and my creativity.  I hope to share photos that I have taken, projects that I am working on and most importantly relationships I am building. Because if I have learned one thing in the wedding business its relationships matter! But that is a topic for another day!

Love & Blessings