2016 Review + Engagement Session Favorites

Woah, I can not believe that 2016 is coming to an end! Year 2 of Jett Walker Photography has been WOW!!! I have met some of the most amazing people this year, I'm talking about the kind of people that make you wonder things like, 'why haven't we always been friends?' and 'did she just say exactly what I was thinking... OUT LOUD?!' The life changing kind of people who teach you a lot about yourself and encourage you to do so many things you never thought you were capable of.... You know what I'm talking about, right?  

From day 1 of owning this crazy business I have held on to the intention of focusing on people first, it's not always easy and I am not always good at it admittedly. My goal is not to be featured or get famous, my focus will always be 100% on the people I encounter. I've never been the one to want the spotlight or the focus on me anyway, I think that is why I love being a photographer because I can hide behind my camera... But yeah, sometimes people in this industry have a tendency to focus their talents in the wrong direction. Yes, on the mere surface weddings are beautiful and sparkly and glamorous and as a talented and creative artist it is very easy to focus on these things, but the reality is that a wedding is about so so much more than a sparkly dress or the lighting or a stunning floral arrangement or even a perfect table setting (it may be a little about the cake though). And as a wedding vendor I am absolutely not called to use my talents for my own benefit, yes I understand I gotta pay my bills etcetera etcetera, but I firmly believe that if I do my job to serve others and love others with everything I can that I will be rewarded ten fold. And I seriously feel like this year has proven this true for me time and time again.

2016 has been a year of growth and love for me. It started with an incredible project that had absolutely nothing to do with weddings. Back in January I was called to start a project for the women of Birmingham, I had no weddings on the books for February and I wanted to do something to keep the creative juices flowing, that's when Inspire Us Bham was laid on my heart. The idea behind the project was simple, photograph women without makeup to encourage them to love themselves and spread love and support to other women. Never in a million years did I think something so simple would spread and effect so many people in ways beyond my imagination. So many people stepped in and wanted to help without us even asking, it was incredible to see this amazing parallel between the idea for the actual photo shoot and the way the event came together. Both were beautiful metaphors for people supporting one another and encouraging each other for a greater good. This event was just the beginning of my journey this year. It opened my eyes to taking new approaches to sharing and loving others. From there, the Lord continued to open my eyes and pour into me in so many ways. 

This is where my amazing clients come in! You didn't think I'd take the time to actually write a blog post and not include anything about my stellar brides and grooms did you!?! Hell naw! (Oh lord did I just write that... yep, leaving it!) I really have been blessed in the past 2 years to have worked with an incredible group of clients. 2016 was no different in that aspect, but I do feel like I had the pleasure of being able to enjoy and provide even better service for my clients this year. With making the decision to only take 2 weddings per month I was able to give every person the time and attention they deserved! It also allowed me to get to know everyone on a more personal level, which if you know me you know that means I am just naturally going to put out better work when I know your story prior to walking into your wedding day (cuz I'm an introvert and I pretty much just operate that way). All that to say, I have worked with some unbelievable people this year! I'm talking brides, grooms, planners, venues, florists, bands, bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, cousins, the works! No joke, I feel like I have 20 families across the US right now! I really don't know what I did to be blessed in this way but I am so thankful for everyone's love and trust in me. I'm pretty much a one woman show over here and I know I sometimes make dumb mistakes, but dang if y'all don't always support me and sing my praises and embrace me on your wedding days as if we've been besties since day one. Gah what a pleasure, blessing, delight, honor it is to be able to have this job.  I truly hope that my work will serve as a memory and reminder of just one part of your amazing adventures in marriage. Because like you all know, a wedding is just the beginning of a marriage and I am thrilled as hell that I get to be a part of it!

Now here are some of my favorite engagement/couple's session moments from the past year! Engagement sessions are a perfect way for me to get to know my clients on a more personal level. I get to hear all kinds of fun stories as well as hone in on how my couples interact. It's also a great idea to do a session if you aren't used to being in front of the camera, you'll become more comfortable with me and realize pretty quickly that if anyone is going to look like a complete goofball it's going to be me! So cheers to 2016 and learning about love, service, friendship and how to be one hell of a cheerleader for people!