Flowers in Chile

There is nothing I love more than a beautiful bridal bouquet! I am loving the bouquets that are wild and full of great texture. They remind me of classic 17th Century Dutch still life paintings by Jan Van Huysum. The more texture, flowers and spindly branches and leaves the better!

When we were in Chile a few weeks ago I got to have an amazing flower conversation with our bride, Lissandra, as she was planning her wedding bouquet with her florist. We were in total agreement about color, texture, and flower variety but her florist didn't seem convinced that these ideas were going to work.  On the day of the wedding the florist  arrived at the bride's home with an array of flowers and a bouquet that seemed a little more tight and traditional than Lissandra had described.  I think that this wild and lose bouquet style is not something that is done in Chile so there may have been a conflict of styles. As photographer for the wedding day I would never interfere with another vendors idea but after our conversation about flowers, Lissandra asked me if I could work with the florist to re-work the bouquet.  I took some branches from the family's garden, loosened up the ribbons and re-shaped the bouquet to add some fullness and the end product was a success! The florist even liked the results, she was taking all kinds of photos of it for future inspiration!